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MB371: Overcome Fear with Practice, Invest with Confidence – With Mai Duong

Mai Duong

Most aspiring real estate investors struggle with fear. But the ones who become successful GPs work through their fears with practice. Listen in as Mai Duong explains how she overcame fears around talking to brokers, raising capital and finding partners through preparation, learning the ropes as an LP before she became an active multifamily investor.

Why You Should NOT Invest in Class A Multifamily Syndications

Why you should not invest in class a multifamily syndications

Hey, everyone’s got an opinion, but some people are just WRONG.Especially when it comes to investing in Class A Multifamily. Trust me, you DON’T want to fall into that trap! Today, I’ll go into detail on why we avoid putting our investor’s money (and our own) into Class A Multifamily deals.