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Asset management can be a real challenge for multifamily operators, especially if you’re managing properties from a distance.

If a site is not working, how do you figure out what’s wrong? Is it the staff? Are rents too high? Do you have too many work orders?

The good news is, new AI tools can give GPs transparency around what’s going on—helping us set pricing, manage expenses and optimize the performance of our real estate assets.

Marc Rutzen is Cofounder and CEO of, a game-changing platform that is using data science to transform the world of proptech.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Marc joins us to explain why the HelloData team decided to take on asset management.

Marc discusses the weaknesses of traditional revenue management software, describing how HelloData leverages AI to address those problems.

Listen in for Marc’s insight on the potential dangers of AI and learn how HelloData can help you analyze numbers effectively, evaluate your operations and optimize your real estate portfolio!

Key Takeaways

How Marc got into proptech

What problems solves for owners and operators

Where pulls its data from

How LiquidRent differs from revenue management software w/o AI

The pros and cons of traditional revenue management software

How solves these problems

How Marc and his team decided to tackle asset management

How Marc’s team infuses AI into their products

Marc’s insight on the potential dangers of AI

Marc’s advice on how to vet an AI company

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