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Are you surrounding yourself with people who will get you to the next level?

Five years ago, a group of seasoned multifamily investors got together and established a Mastermind to support each other as we scale our real estate businesses.

And I’m proud to be part of that group with Matt Faircloth, who’s been in real estate full-time since 2005

Matt serves as Owner of DeRosa Group, a multifamily investing firm with a portfolio of 1,800-plus units and $150 million in assets under management.

Matt is also the author of the Amazon bestseller Raising Private Capital: Build Your Real Estate Investing Empire with Other People’s Money.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Matt and I discuss the opportunities we see coming in the multifamily market.

Matt describes the properties in his portfolio that are doing well versus the properties that are struggling, and we brainstorm strategies for dealing with rising insurance rates for multifamily.

Listen in as Matt shares his vision for scaling DeRosa Group and learn about the personal disciplines that contribute to his success!

Key Takeaways

What’s going well in Matt’s business right now

  • Properties with fixed-rate debt
  • Foresight to raise more equity to shore up reserves

What’s not going well in Matt’s business right now

  • Properties with floating-rate debt
  • Major unforeseen construction work

Why we think opportunity is coming in multifamily

  • Properties on sale for less than seller paid in 2021
  • Undercapitalized properties can’t cover insurance

Matt’s insight around rising multifamily insurance rates

  • Will get more competitive as new players come in
  • Owners put portfolios together for bargaining

Matt’s vision for scaling his real estate company

  • Leverage strong partners and team behind him
  • Scale equity, acquisitions and operations together

The 4 levels of growth of a multifamily business

  1. Doing deals
  2. Build true company
  3. Company runs without you
  4. Different lines of business under one umbrella

The personal disciplines that contribute to Matt’s success

  • Intentional about health (eat well, work out, etc.)
  • Meditate, read and journal for morning routine

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Raising Private Capital: Build Your Real Estate Investing Empire with Other People’s Money by Matt Faircloth


Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz


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