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It took Chris Pomerleau four years to realize he didn’t have to replace toilets himself and another four years to realize he didn’t have to do his own books.

That’s when Chris went from simply doing deals to building a real estate business.

So, why does it take most investors so long to scale? And what can YOU do to achieve financial freedom much faster?

Chris is Cofounder of LeavenWealth Capital, a real estate investment firm out of Omaha, Nebraska, with 2,700 multifamily units totaling $211M in assets under management.

Chris also serves as Cofounder and VP of Investment Strategy at Rayven, a Reg A investment business committed to fighting climate change by way of net-zero apartment buildings.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Chris joins me to discuss how he got his start using the BRRRR method with SFHs—until he realized it wasn’t scalable.

Chris explains how he grew his real estate business, describing how he made the shift from borrowing money to raising equity and why having conversations with investors outside his circle was scary at first.

Listen in to understand Chris’ 50/50 approach to real estate partnerships and learn how to think about hiring not as an expense, but as an investment in your multifamily business!

Key Takeaways

How Chris got into real estate investing

  • Learned about passive income from Kiyosaki
  • Started out using BRRRR method with SFH

Chris’ first steps to scaling his real estate business

  • Bought duplex and 20-unit property
  • Updated and refinanced in 12 months

Chris’ shift from borrowing money to raising equity

  • Realized needed syndication to scale
  • Having convos outside circle scary at first

Building a real estate business vs. doing deals

  • Look at team as investment, not expense
  • Example—$130K hire can triple profit

Chris’ approach to real estate partnerships

  • 50/50 shows trust right away
  • Align incentives by giving PM Class B shares

Why Chris is excited about his real estate business

  • Deal flow ‘off the charts’ right now
  • Rayven—Reg A offering, net-zero real estate

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