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Former Marine Joseph Kimbrough was a successful wholesaler, but the work was a constant grind.

Joseph realized that to achieve financial freedom, what he needed was equity. And he was already comfortable pitching investors on big-ticket wholesale deals

So, Joseph started building a fund, raising capital from high-net-worth individuals and investing that money in multifamily deals run by the best operators in the business.

Today, Joseph is Founder and Fund Manager at Apex Real Estate Investments, a privately held equity investment company that invests in multifamily in the Southeast US.

To date, Joseph has built a portfolio of 592 doors worth $150M, and he is also a TEDx Speaker and esteemed member of the Forbes Real Estate Council.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate, Joseph shares his ‘dream team’ approach to investing with top syndicators and describes the challenges he faced raising capital early on.

Joseph explains what he learned in the Marines that applies to real estate and offers advice on connecting with high-net-worth investors—both in person and online.

Listen in to understand how Joseph is inspired by his trips to East Africa and learn how real estate can give YOU the location and time freedom to travel abroad!

Key Takeaways

How Joseph got into multifamily investing

  • Got start in real estate in 2019 with wholesaling
  • Connection at conference suggested fund management

The challenges Joseph faced raising his first fund

  • Wasn’t allowed to market fund online
  • Out of country in East Africa for first 3 months

How Josephs multifamily fund works

  • Works with syndicators on deals of 100+ units
  • Landlord-friendly states in Southeast US

How Joseph applies his training in the Marines to real estate

  • Learn by ‘jumping in the water and figuring it out’
  • Intense focus on accomplishing mission

Why Joseph chose multifamily over other strategies

  • Realized need for equity and cashflow to build wealth
  • Economies of scale in apartments = more efficient

Joseph’s ‘dream team’ approach to investing in real estate

  • Work with best syndicators and invest through fund
  • Investors benefit from blended rate of return

How Joseph is finding HNWI investors right now

  • Social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Spend time at exclusive gyms and private clubs

How real estate allows Joseph do what he loves

  • Time and location freedom for extended trips
  • Fell in love with East Africa in 2021

How Joseph’s travel experiences inform his work in real estate

  • Inspired by work ethic of people in East Africa
  • Appreciates opportunities we have here in America

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