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Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad inspired me to build generational wealth. But the first few cashflow businesses I tried didn’t produce the passive income I expected.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your real estate career with fix-and-flips or even a SFH portfolio, know that neither strategy leads to financial freedom.

But can you really skip single family investing and jump right into apartments?

On this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing my journey to financial freedom with real estate, explaining why I tried to earn passive income with restaurants first—and why that strategy didn’t work.

I discuss why it’s impossible to scale a single-family portfolio to achieve financial freedom and describe the light bulb moment when I pivoted to multifamily investing.

Listen in for insight on getting into multifamily without money or experience and learn how to skip SFH investing and start building wealth with apartments!

Key Takeaways 

Michael’s early pursuit of financial freedom

What mistakes Michael made with restaurants

How Michael got back into real estate

Michael’s initial challenges with multifamily

Michael’s multifamily light bulb moment

Michael’s next steps to achieve financial freedom

Why you don’t need to start with SFH investing

The experience of working with Michael Blank

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