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Do you feel stuck? Like you’re not making progress in life?

Until my early 30s, I drifted through life. It felt like unseen forces were holding me back. And then I had a breakthrough and started living an intentional life—filled with purpose and fulfillment.

What made the difference? What does it mean to live with intention? What disciplines helped me identify and pursue what really matters to me?

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I’m sharing my five clarity practices for living an intentional life.

I discuss the My Perfect Day exercise that helped me start making mindful choices and walk you through my process for setting five-year, one-year and quarterly goals.

Listen in for insight on scheduling Monthly Clarity Days and Weekly Strategic Time to reflect on your progress and learn how a Daily Morning Routine can help you live a more purposeful, fulfilling life!

Key Takeaways

What it means to live an intentional life

Michael’s 5 clarity practices for intentional living

  1. My Perfect Day
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Monthly Clarity Day
  4. Weekly Strategic Time
  5. Daily Morning Routine

Clarity Practice #1 – My Perfect Day

Clarity Practice #2 – Goal Setting

Clarity Practice #3 – Monthly Clarity Day

Clarity Practice #4 – Weekly Strategic Time

Clarity Practice #5 – Daily Morning Routine

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