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Your attorney is a key player in helping you close on any real estate deal.

But the right commercial real estate attorney truly cares about you and your success. They are willing to educate you on aspects of the law you might not know and navigate problems that arise along the way. 

Kyle Swafford is the founder of Swafford Law, a commercial real estate law firm that represents clients in syndications, tax considerations for investors, join ventures and commercial lending.

Kyle has a wealth of experience in tax law, commercial real estate law and securities compliance, working as an International Tax Consultant at Deloitte prior to building his own firm.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, we’re sharing Kyle’s conversation with Garrett Lynch on real estate law at Deal Maker Live 2024.

Kyle explains what inspired his transition from tax law to real estate and how he streamlines the process of closing on a multifamily deal.

Listen in for Kyle’s insight on distress in the current commercial market and learn how a good attorney can help you avoid mistakes and get your next deal across the finish line!

Key Takeaways

How Kyle got into real estate law

What inspired Kyle to start his own firm

Kyle’s role in a real estate transaction

How Kyle streamlined the process of closing a deal

Kyle’s insight on distress in the commercial market

What Kyle sees in the commercial market now

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