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Kevin Bupp is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and real estate expert. Since 2010 Kevin has been focusing his attention on the mobile home park market, the results of which he has happily agreed to share with me today. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Kevin has always returned to real estate, a market he calls ‘one of the easiest ways to create true wealth’. Now that he has made the leap to mobile home parks, his only wish is that he had done it sooner!

Listen now to hear my chat with Kevin, including; how he dealt with the economic recession, his chance move to mobile home park investing, and most importantly his best and transferable techniques to close those important deals.

Kevin Bupp – Key Takeaways

[03:17] Kevin's real estate journey.

[4:48] The recession and a two-year hiatus.

[05:51] ‘The biggest small project I ever worked on’.

[10:07] Raising money for his first deal.

[11:47] Why Kevin decided to go back into real estate

[14:17] Lessons learned from the recession.

[19:17] So what’s so great about mobile home parks?

[22:20] Park management and scalability.

[24:53] Where Kevin finds his on-site managers.

[26:25] Finding new deals in the mobile home park market.

[30:07] Techniques and tips for finding owner information.

[37:40] What would Kevin tell his younger self?

[41:25] What Kevin is most excited about right now

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 Resources Mentioned

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  1. How do you evict someone from a mobile home park? Do you have to move their home out, or put a lien on it & kick them out, or what? I’ve never heard a park investor talk about that process.

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