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Five years ago Brad Tacia was just a regular guy, working a 70 hour week as an engineer to support his family. In 2011 he began to invest in real estate. After making the switch from single family to multifamily investing, Brad managed to replace his income in just 2 years.

In this episode I talk to Brad about the amazing progress he has made over the last 2 years, investigating the reasoning and mindset behind his life-changing actions, as well as the habits he has developed to achieve his goals. From his first multifamily deal, to the syndication of a second complex, the results of Brad’s determination and decision-making can serve to inspire anyone interested in multifamily real estate investing.

Key Takeaways

[03:05] Brad’s backstory: from 9 – 5 to real estate.

[04:56] The thought processes behind real estate investing.

[07:23] Thinking about replacing income with real estate.

[9:09] ‘The idea was to buy one house per year’.

[11:45] Making the move to multifamily investing.

[14:14] Brad’s first multifamily deal.

[19:50   ] A change in comfort zone and a shift in goals.

[25:25] The ability to make deals directly impacts the scalability of the business.

[26:04] Brad’s motivation for doing what he does

[27:21 ] Why Brad keeps doing new deals even though he’s met his financial goals

[35:35] Real estate investing alongside a full-time job.

[36:25] Changing your habits and finding your why.

[42:26] What Brad would tell his younger self.

 Connect with Brad

Cell Phone: 248-881-4570 (call or text)

Email:  bradtacia at gmail dot com

 Resources Mentioned

The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings by Steve Berges

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