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The Downfall of Short Term Rentals

The Downfall of Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals, like Airbnb and VRBO, have become increasingly popular in recent years. You’ve probably stayed in them and know what they offer to travelers. They also offer a way for property owners to earn extra income by renting out their space on a short-term basis. However, while short-term rentals may seem like a lucrative […]

How to Get Reliable Cash Flow

We all want consistent monthly cash flow. Multifamily real estate investments can be a great way to produce that cash flow. While investing in any type of real estate comes with some inherent risks, multifamily properties offer several advantages over single-family homes or commercial properties. Let’s look at some key strategies for achieving reliable monthly […]

Wealth Without Wall Street

Wealth Without Wall Street

Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: You cannot have life balance if you’re worried about money. You want passive income, and for a long time, we had Wall Street as the model for how to generate that passive income, but investing in the stock market is not the […]

Live A Passive Income Lifestyle

live a passive income lifestyle

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about leaving your W-2 job and being in charge of your own freedom? You can make that happen by investing in apartment buildings. Live a Passive Income Lifestyle Investing in Apartment Buildings Our experience has been that generating passive income through apartment buildings is the best way to […]

Gambling Your Future?

We get this question a lot, “How do you serve your investors?” It’s a great question because we know our investors are placing an enormous trust in us. These are people we know through the podcast, or maybe we met them at a conference, and they’re taking their resources, their time, their future, and putting […]

It is a GREAT time to invest, but first make sure you do this…

If you’re a passive or active investor in multifamily, you might be wondering “is now a good time to invest in multifamily or should I wait?” My short answer is this: “It’s a GREAT time to invest” because of the amazing opportunities we’re seeing, but make sure you my 4 Fundamentals of Investing, or you […]

How (and When) to Refinance a Multifamily Deal

How (and When) to Refinance a Multifamily Deal

When a multifamily property has peaked in value, and the rents have all been raised… How does an operator continue to increase investor returns? Answer: Refinancing! Join us in the video below where we answer your questions about refinancing multifamily syndications.

MB 076: Multifamily … Forever Cash Flow? – With Jack Bosch

For passive, everlasting cashflow, multi-family is the way to go. Today I am speaking with Jack Bosch, a real estate investor with a unique background in flipping land who eventually made his way to apartment building investing. Listen as he explains why he would have liked to get into multi-family sooner, and his best advice for breaking into the space with no prior experience.