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We get this question a lot, “How do you serve your investors?”

It's a great question because we know our investors are placing an enormous trust in us. These are people we know through the podcast, or maybe we met them at a conference, and they're taking their resources, their time, their future, and putting it with us.

Knowing we have their trust makes us want to serve them well. So we do that through communication, carefully underwriting our deals, and trying to do everything we can do to steward their money.

We serve our active entrepreneurs by helping them get started with multifamily investing, so they can quit their jobs and find financial freedom.

Interestingly, the passive investor wants the same thing. We all want that freedom, and there are different avenues to get it, so we're trying to serve that in a variety of ways.

Just the other day, an investor said, “You know what? I don't want a property that just gives me appreciation.”

When you put your money in a mutual fund, for instance, you might get appreciation, but there's no cash flow. If you don't have cash flow, it doesn't give you the opportunity to step back and spend more time with family.

If you are buying an asset that gives you the cash flow as well as the appreciation, it's a whole different ballgame as far as the opportunities that open up for you

That's what we're trying to do here at Nighthawk.

If you're interested in learning more about passive investing, go to and see for yourself how the stock market compares to real estate investing. You can also get on our list and join our investment club.

When you do that, we'll have a conversation with you and see if you're ready to invest with us!

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