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Real Estate Syndication and The Benefits for a W-2 Employee

Real Estate Syndication and the Benefits for the W-2 Employee

You might think that working your W-2 job will use up all of the time and energy that you could be putting toward your multifamily real estate investing goals, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, your job and your entrepreneurial journey can work together for your advantage. Real Estate Syndication and the Benefits for […]

What Does Cost Segregation Mean For You as a Real Estate Investor?


Today we want to talk about a key term in real estate investing, cost segregation. Cost Segregation is really simple. It’s the idea that within an apartment building, some things have a useful life of maybe 27 years, and other things, like carpets or countertops are going to have a much shorter life.  By segregating, […]

MB 071: Why it’s Patriotic to NOT Pay Taxes – With David Zook

Whether you’re a high net worth individual looking to reduce your tab with the IRS or a syndicator looking to raise money, listen in to my conversation with David Zook as we discuss why it’s patriotic to take advantage of available tax breaks, the AHA moment that initiated his transition from passive investor to real estate syndicator, and how he reduced his tax bill from $475K to nearly nada.