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More money, more problems.

One of the major pain points for high net worth individuals involves taxes. Today’s guest was hit hard with a $497K bill in 2010, and that’s when he decided stop giving his money away to the IRS and start investing in multi-family properties!

David Zook is a wildly successful entrepreneur and experienced investor in the multi-family space who has syndicated over $50M worth of real estate in his career. His portfolio includes 3,000 apartment units in several states as well as Ambergris Caye, the largest resort in Belize. David has entered the ATM market as well, capitalizing on another investment that offers tax-advantage cashflow.

David is also a sought-after speaker and published author who has presented at venues such as the International Business Conference, The Jason Hartman Real Estate Mastermind, and The Cash Flow Wealth Summit. He credits his success to working with world-class teams, and today he discusses why it’s patriotic to take advantage of available tax breaks, the AHA moment that initiated his transition from passive investor to real estate syndicator, and how multi-family investing has evolved over time. Whether you’re a high net worth individual looking to reduce your tab with the IRS or a syndicator looking to raise money, this episode is for you. Listen in as David shares how he leverages paper loss and cost segregation to reduce his tax bill from $475K to nearly zero.

David Zook – Key Takeaways

[5:43] Why it’s patriotic to take advantage of tax breaks

[7:27] The tax benefits associated with multi-family investing

[10:49] How to exercise cost segregation

[13:07] David’s advice around choosing syndicator (as a passive investor)

[15:08] How David transitioned from passive investor to syndicator

[18:02] David’s approach to passive investing

[20:24] How David raised money for his first deals as a syndicator

[24:51] How David structures a deal

[26:28] How multi-family investing has evolved

[29:52] David’s ATM investing opportunity

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