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Change: Do You Run from It Or Learn from It?

My family and I vacationed in Hilton Head Island and participated in a guided beach nature walk. Something our guide said stood out to me. He said, “This beach looks so much different than it did a month ago because of this storm we had. In fact, every time I come out here, something is […]

The Power of Belief: How to Overcome Your Fear of Risk-Taking, Day by Day

The Power of Belief: How to Overcome Your Fear of Risk-Taking, Day by Day

Wouldn’t real estate investing be so much easier if we could just get the reward without all the risk? Wouldn’t it be great if we could achieve our full potential without ever leaving our comfort zone?

Yet for some reason, life isn’t that easy.

MB 108: Analyzing 100 Multifamily Deals to Find the ONE – With Andrew Cushman

Are you willing to analyze 100 deals to find ONE good one? Andrew Cushman sits down with me to discuss his first deal, a 92-unit property in Macon, Georgia, and share what he learned about vetting investors and estimating renovation costs. Listen in to understand why finding a good deal is challenging—but not impossible!

What Yields a Higher Return Selling Now, Selling in a Few Years, or Refinancing

How do you determine when to sell your apartment building to maximize the overall returns? I’m going through this decision-making process right now for one of my buildings, and I’d like to share with you my thinking. As always, there are multiple factors that go into deciding if it’s right to sell the building now […]

How To Get Paid To Bird-Dog Multifamily Deals (Video)

I believe multifamily investing is one of the best real estate strategies to achieve your financial goals because they generate passive income and long-term wealth. Looking for a way to get started with multifamily investing without cash or experience? Then consider this strategy. Watch the video and leave your comments or questions below.