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The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Offers on Apartment Buildings

Are you wondering at what point in the process of evaluating apartment building deals you make an offer and what that looks like? It might seem a bit of a mystery, but let’s shed some light on the matter. What exactly does it mean to “make an offer”? Is it verbal or does it have […]

The Power of Belief: How to Overcome Your Fear of Risk-Taking, Day by Day

The Power of Belief: How to Overcome Your Fear of Risk-Taking, Day by Day

Wouldn’t real estate investing be so much easier if we could just get the reward without all the risk? Wouldn’t it be great if we could achieve our full potential without ever leaving our comfort zone?

Yet for some reason, life isn’t that easy.

How To Build Your Commercial Real Estate Team and Get Your First Deal

In this YouTube video I cover how to go about getting your first commercial real estate deal in an area you’ve never been in. I’ve done this a few times now (Texas, Baltimore and Washington DC), and I’m currently applying the process to an area I’m just getting into: Richmond, VA. But the process is the […]

MB 117: Pushing Your Limits to Strike Multifamily Gold – With Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson’s philosophy is you don’t make money in your comfort zone! She joins me to describe how she pushes limits to reach the next goal, learning from experience as a passive multifamily investor to become a syndicator, raising $1.4M for her first 70-unit deal—and landing a 76-unit property just two months later!

MB 086 – Find Your Niche Raising Capital for Multi-Family Syndicators – With Lane Kawaoka

Interested in multifamily, but syndication is not for you? If your strengths lie in networking and raising money, you can get into apartment building investing as a general partner who specializes in soliciting capital. Today, I’m on the line with Lane Kawaoka, real estate entrepreneur and curator of Simple Passive Cashflow. Listen in for his unique approach to multi-family investing!

What Yields a Higher Return Selling Now, Selling in a Few Years, or Refinancing

How do you determine when to sell your apartment building to maximize the overall returns? I’m going through this decision-making process right now for one of my buildings, and I’d like to share with you my thinking. As always, there are multiple factors that go into deciding if it’s right to sell the building now […]

How To Get Paid To Bird-Dog Multifamily Deals (Video)

I believe multifamily investing is one of the best real estate strategies to achieve your financial goals because they generate passive income and long-term wealth. Looking for a way to get started with multifamily investing without cash or experience? Then consider this strategy. Watch the video and leave your comments or questions below.