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How to Survive An Economic Winter

How to Survive an Economic Winter

How to Survive an Economic Winter Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: Everything goes through seasons. The economy and investing in real estate is no different. Before COVID, summer was red hot. People were saying, “The market is too hot,” then COVID brought everything to a screeching halt […]

New Trends in Real Estate Investing

New Trends in Real Estate Investing

Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: New Trends in Real Estate Investing What current trends are we seeing that impact real estate investing? There’s one big trend no one can ignore, and that’s inflation. Unless you’re sleeping under a rock, you’re probably thinking about inflation all the time. […]

How Inflation Can Make You a Real Estate Millionaire in 12 Months


Maybe you’re listening to the news and feeling stressed. Maybe you are noticing the price of everything going up. Are you concerned about inflation or interest rates? In can be a scary concept. Inflation is the rise in the cost of things. It means the dollars in your hand are worth less. Make sure you […]

What is Inflation and How Does it Relate to Real Estate?

Inflation has cropped up as a big issue! For a while, the Federal Reserve was saying, This is transitory, but they’re starting to think this is going to become more of a long term situation. Inflation is a term that everybody knows. It’s also closely linked to real estate investing. Simply, inflation is the rise […]

MB283: The State of Multifamily


Is now really a good time to get started in multifamily? COVID put real estate on a bit of a roller coaster ride. The market cooled for a bit but then came back even hotter! So, is it too hot now? What should we be thinking about as we decide whether to invest now or […]

The Inflation Tidal Wave

The Inflation Tidal Wave

Are you prepared for inflation? Although, the inflation tidal wave is coming, we have information you’ll want to pay attention to in this post. How real is it? Is it transitory? Is it permanent? How is it going to affect apartment buildings? Nighthawk President Drew Kniffin says, we know inflation is real and if you […]

MB 253: Don’t Follow Money, Make Money Follow You – With Keith Weinhold

Yes, work ethic is key in becoming a successful real estate investor. But mindset is even more important. Before you can start working toward the life you want, you have to overcome middleclass thinking. Today, Keith Weinhold joins us to explain how to stop following the money and start making money follow YOU.

MB 226: How to Protect Your Wealth in a Crisis – With Russell Gray

The black swan event financial pundits predicted has arrived in the form of COVID-19. But how will the crisis play out? Today, Russell Gray joins me to share his take on the REAL story behind the pandemic and explain what real estate investors can do to protect our wealth and capitalize on hidden opportunities!