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Even if you choose the right property, the wrong debt can wreck a multifamily deal. So, what can we do to manage shifts in the real estate market? How do we structure deals in a way that mitigates risk?

Andrew Cushman serves as Principal at Vantage Point Acquisitions, a private equity firm focused on acquiring and repositioning multifamily properties throughout the Southeast US. He left his 9-to-5 as a chemical engineer for real estate in 2007 and built a lucrative house flipping business before finding multifamily in 2011. Since then, Andrew has successfully syndicated more than 2,100 units and launched The Multifamily Accelerator, a mastermind for active and experienced real estate investors.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Andrew joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain why he is confident about buying multifamily right now and share what he is doing to maintain deal flow. He offers insight on underwriting to account for a spike in interest rates or a shift in rent growth and shares his secret for finding off-market deals. Listen in as Andrew describes what kind of inflation is good for apartment investors and learn how to structure agency or bridge debt to best manage risk.

Key Takeaways 

Why Andrew is confident about buying multifamily right now

The kind of inflation that’s good for multifamily real estate

Why Andrew used 12-year, fixed-rate debt on a recent deal

Andrew’s top strategies for structuring bridge debt

How to mitigate the risk of a spike in interest rates

What Andrew is doing to find multifamily deals right now

Andrew’s tips for reaching out to owners directly

What Andrew is doing to maintain deal flow

Andrew’s strategy for bidding on listed multifamily deals

How Andrew thinks about rent increases in his underwriting

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