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MB398: How to Earn Passive Income Through Land Flipping – With Travis King

MB 398 Travis King

It’s hard to turn flipping into #financialfreedom. But Travis King found a way to earn #passiveincome with land flipping. In fact, he replaced his W-2 income with this strategy! Listen in as he explains how to find and finance off-market vacant land deals, earning a nice return for your investors and interest income for yourself!

MB369: How to Make Money Flipping Land – With Jon Jasniak


How do you make money flipping land? What are the pros and cons of investing in land deals as opposed to other kinds of real estate? Listen in as Jon Jasniak explains how he built an 8-figure land business, doing 700 deals in 7 years and buying an entire town in West Texas!

Should You Invest in Apartment Buildings or Land?

Should You Invest in Apartment Buildings or Land

Did you see our recent post Should You Own Apartment Buildings or Storage Units? If not, check it out! When it comes to real estate investing, you have choices, and we want to talk about another option today you may not have considered – land. Both apartment buildings and land can offer opportunities for wealth […]