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MB400: The Best of 2023 on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

What were the top AHA moments on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing in 2023? As the year ends, it’s time for a highlight reel of our most inspiring moments from the last 12 months. Listen in as I share the Best of 2023, revisiting top insights from this year’s interviews with leading investors and entrepreneurs!

MB298: The 4 Levels of Financial Freedom – With Mandy McAllister

MB298The 4 Levels of Financial FreedomWith Mandy McAllister

The more truth you put to any problem, the easier it is to solve. So, if you want to quit your W-2 job, start by doing the math. Because once you know how much you need to cover your living expenses, it’s just a matter of building your multifamily portfolio step by step until you […]