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Who is better at raising capital, extroverts or introverts?

You might think extroverts have the advantage when it comes to raising money for real estate deals. But the truth is, introverts can be just as good at sourcing funds.

The secret is to embrace your unique personality and approach networking with investors in a way that leverages your strengths.

Mandy McAllister serves as Managing Member at Good Fortune Capital and CEO of GoBundance Women. Camilla Jeffs is Founder and CEO of Steady Stream Investments and Host of the Quiet Wealth podcast.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, we revisit Mandy and Camilla’s talk at Deal Maker Live 2023 around raising capital based on the strengths of your personality.

Mandy describes what makes her good at raising capital as an extrovert, and Camilla explains how being an introvert helps her build strong one-on-one relationships with LPs.

Listen in for Mandy and Camilla’s top ten tips for networking with investors and learn how to tailor these capital raising techniques to fit your distinct personality!

Key Takeaways

What differentiates introverts from extroverts

What makes extroverts good at raising capital

What makes introverts good at raising capital

Mandy’s top 5 tips for raising capital as a newbie

  1. Find CRM system that works for you
  2. Communicate with existing investors
  3. Tell everyone that you invest in real estate
  4. Define, stand firm on investing criteria
  5. Get clear on how to execute business plan

Camilla’s top 5 tips for raising capital as a newbie

  1. It’s about THEM, not you
  2. Overemphasize education
  3. Stay consistent and follow through
  4. Talk less, ask more and be curious
  5. Scale carefully

Camilla’s script for meeting a new potential investor

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