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MB341: How the Supply Chain Impacts Real Estate – With Jeff Davis

In the spring of 2020, store shelves were empty. And supply chain issues have disrupted businesses of all kinds ever since—including real estate. But what, exactly, is causing these problems in the supply chain? Listen in as Jeff Davis explains why our supply chain is out of whack and how that impacts multifamily investors.

MB 226: How to Protect Your Wealth in a Crisis – With Russell Gray

The black swan event financial pundits predicted has arrived in the form of COVID-19. But how will the crisis play out? Today, Russell Gray joins me to share his take on the REAL story behind the pandemic and explain what real estate investors can do to protect our wealth and capitalize on hidden opportunities!

MB 224: Why Multifamily is a Better Bet Than the Stock Market – With Bruce Fraser

Why Multifamily is a Better Bet Than the Stock Market

What makes a successful hedge fund manager shift his focus to multifamily real estate? Today, Bruce Fraser joins me to explain why apartment buildings are a better investment than the financial markets, how multifamily fares in an economic crisis, and what’s behind his aggressive but realistic approach to scaling a multifamily business!