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The Law of the First Deal tells us that once you close on your first multifamily property, the next deal will follow in quick succession. The question is, how do you get that first deal done—and done fast?

In this video, I share the rule my mentoring students are BREAKING to accelerate the process and get their first properties under contract asap.

I discuss the importance of building strategic relationships and share insider tips on how to establish rapport with brokers and property managers.

Watch the video below. By the time you’re done, you’ll know how to set yourself apart from other aspiring investors and learn how to move your name to the top of a broker’s buyers list!

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  2. Very Nice and Detailed Analysis. Like it.!!!

    You are awesome..

    BTW where on your site, the Excel sheet (Syndicator deal analyzer sheet) is available. could you please point it.

    Have a great day.


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