What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

Let me hear from you!

What's your biggest challenge right now?

I want to make sure I write and podcast about what you want to hear about. So let me know what kind of stuff would be the most useful to help you along your journey as a commercial real estate entrepreneur.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks !!!


  1. Michael,
    So good hearing from you today! Thank you for your guidance and feedback about my journey in this thing we call Multifamily. I appreciate your feedback. My challenge moving forward will be setting meetings with potential JV partners. I will have to read up on this so that I add that skillset to my tool belt.

  2. Thanks for the tips & encouragement Mike,

    I think 4 most of us it would be: “The First Apt. Deal”

    After all, we will need 3-4 investors to go “in” with us to “git ‘er done”
    Could u develop a “Step-by-Step” Manual we could use like a Pro-Football coach’s “Playbook”;
    I know it would help me alot & probably most others.

    I’m in Orlando, FL and prices are creeping upwards, it may be best 4 me to buy in Jacksonville or Alabama ?

    (*) 2 items need to be addressed:
    1) How to do “Your 1st Apt. Deal”
    2) Hot to assess and purchase an Apt. (40-60 units) out-of-state?
    (via the Internet, emails & phone calls to Broker, property inspection, environmental Report,etc)

    Thanks 4 the help, Josh Holliday, Orlando

  3. I would like to know in an apartment building purchasing what to look for and how to structure the deal.

  4. Great idea Michael regarding the podcast!

    I think previous posts touched on some good starting points with the biggest being, how to gain investors when you are brand new to syndicating.

    I think one thing for me as well is the question of, “Okay, I might have some potential interested people….now what?” Do you over fund your deals to ensure you have enough capital, how to get from interested investors to a closed deal,….etc.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Robert – that should be your top priority! Make sure you read my ebook that hopefully addresses this in more detail.

  6. Josh – thanks for the feedback! I agree, out of state investing should be addressed, becoming more and more important as some parts of the country get hotter.

  7. Nick – also good feedback. I will need to provide more details of what to do AFTER you get a verbal commitment from your investors, i.e. how do you get from there to closing and money in escrows. Thanks!

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