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My son LOVES the Turtleman … that crazy son of a gun in Kentucky who catches snapping turtles and rattle snakes with his bare hands. He's got most of his teeth missing, lives in a shack and doesnt appear to be too bright. Nevertheless, he has his own show on Animal Planet and I dont – whats up with that?
Maybe there's something we can learn from the Turtleman.

From what I can gather, he didn't set out to be a TV star. He was just some hill billy catching critters for people. It didnt pay much but thats' what he loves to do. Even though he's a star now, he stayed true to himself and still lives in his shack, hangs out with the same friends and drives the same beater pick up truck. Success found him, but even if it didn't, Turtleman would be perfectly content doing what he loves to do.

I think there are at least three lessons we can learn from the Turtleman.

Lesson # 1: Pursue your passions. If you're willing to do something you love, even if it doesn't make any money, you're probably on the right track to living into your passions. If we are able to do what we love to do, it doesn't seem like work and we get a whole new level of fulfillment in our lives. What do you love to do? Each year, I brainstorm a list, then rank the top 5. I then compare my actions with this list. If there is a gap, I may have to make changes so that I am aligning my actions with my top passions.

Lesson # 2: Stay true to yourself. Know and stick to your values. Don't change your values because of success or failure.

Lesson # 3: Be content.┬áIve always had the problem with the word “content” because it always implied to me that we should sit on our bottom, happy with whatever situation we are in. However, I've decided that contentment is a coin with two sides: the first side says “gratitude” and the other side says “ambition”. Contment is accepting what is and being grateful for what we have while constantly looking to become a better person.

Let's all learn from the crazy Turtleman: be content, pursue your passions, and stay true to yourself.

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