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Our mission is to help YOU find financial freedom.

We love to hear how our programs are helping you make your first multifamily deal.

These are stories from some of our students who have successful closed deals. We're excited for them and the hard work they've put into pursuing their dream of becoming financially free. Their stories are proof that investing in multifamily deals is possible. Everyone has their own unique path but the common thread in all of our success stories is the reality that it is possible.

Mentorship was fundamental to helping Karim Karawia get his first deal:

South Bend, Indiana

– 12 units
– $450K purchase price
– Worth $600K without repairs at the time of purchase
– Lives in Los Angeles, CA
– Part of mentorship program

Since I joined, my mentor, supported me and gave me the confidence of getting a deal done. I'd as many questions as I needed, and it was consistent. We met every week then every other week consistently. It really helped me put myself in that mindset so I could close this deal.

Rob Lutein is another graduate of our mentorship program.

He closed a syndication deal and capital raised for a few additional deals. Things are moving forward for him quickly:

Long View, Texas

– partnered with mentor on a deal and started in capital raising
– moved into large syndication deal on his own after learning from first deal
– 246 unit
– raising $5.1 million

Working with a mentor took the fear out of the process, there are many speed bumps, and lot of time my wife and I thought why were we doing this, but our mentor served as our accountability partner and instilled in us a confidence to charge ahead

Yosef Lee is a full time attorney and didn't own any investment properties before his first multifamily deal.

Lawrence, Kansas

– Completed first deal during the height of Covid
– Started looking at bigger projects and joined mastermind groups
– Networked with like-minded people and found initial partners
– Aligned philosophy of business with partners and crushed limiting beliefs

Try to find your niche!!! Reflect on your skillset and background, find the value that you can add and work with people who are aligned with your approach to business.

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