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Years ago I was exposed to this exercise called the perfect day.

The idea is that you architect your perfect day and over time you work towards experiencing that first day, that perfect day. And then you try to spend as much time living that perfect day as you can.

So here's my perfect day.

My perfect day almost always takes place on the saltwater, on the ocean. In fact, I have an opportunity to spend 30 perfect days because we rented a house on the beach, which we're on right now. I get up at 6:30 am and I do my morning routine which I've talked about before the Miracle Morning and in there I'm silent, I meditate, I pray, I read, maybe I journal something I visualize I plan the day. I reflect on what things have gone well what can I do to become a better version of myself.

And then I exercise around 7:30. I'll go for a run or do some exercise and then at eight o'clock we make breakfast together so we have breakfast with the family. Then from 9 to 12, it's work time. We homeschool the kids so during this time we do school work, I'll do some emails. My favorite thing to do is evaluate new deals through Nighthawk Equity.

That's the perfect morning for me.

Then we have lunch with the family and then immediately after lunch, I  take a 30-minute nap. Then we have a little bit more work time. On my perfect day, I would love to record a podcast with a super interesting guest and maybe record a couple of YouTube videos. I love creating content like this.

Now the workday is over at 4:00 or so then we'll do something fun as a family. I'd love to get into scuba diving, I've done it a few times or maybe go on a sailboat I love sailing. But regardless of where or when at five o'clock sharp it's always happy hour. My favorite time of day is happy hour. Then we'll have dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant or sushi restaurant. Love that with the family.

My perfect day always takes place with my family. I'm traveling to exotic locales, and I want my family there as well. So we'll go to dinner, and we'll come home and maybe I'll take a walk with my wife on the beach, have another glass of wine on the porch, and I'm in bed at 10 pm sharp.

That, my friends, is my perfect day.

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