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MB345: Growing Your Business & Family—with Vivian & Michael Blank

Running a business is never just about the business. Being a successful entrepreneur means finding balance between your personal and professional life. So, how does a multifamily syndicator build a fulfilling family life? Listen in as Vivian and Michael Blank explain how they navigate marriage and parenthood while growing a successful real estate investing business.

My Perfect Day

  Years ago I was exposed to this exercise called the perfect day. The idea is that you architect your perfect day and over time you work towards experiencing that first day, that perfect day. And then you try to spend as much time living that perfect day as you can. So here’s my perfect […]

MB 264: Faith, Family & Multifamily Investing – With Lee Yoder

Faith Family and MultiFamily Investing With Lee Yoder

You take that promotion at work because you want to provide better for your family. But then you’re working MORE hours and seeing even LESS of the people you love. Today, Lee Yoder explains how he leveraged multifamily real estate investing to quit his job and spend more time on his faith and family!