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Examining the North Carolina Markets

North Carolina Markets

As many of you know, Nighthawk Equity currently owns properties in five different markets spread across the southeastern United States, most particularly focusing in on Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Huntsville, Alabama. Today, David Meilan, Director of Investor Relations, and Preside of Nighthawk, Drew Kniffin want to discuss a new region, the North Carolina markets, […]

How to Build Your Network as a Young Investor

Cody Davis acquired a few million dollars worth of real estate before he was able to legally buy an alcoholic beverage. So we asked him to share some tips and strategies on how to build out your network, raise capital at a young age. Or even if you’re not at a younger age, you are […]

How to Win Deals With Your Real Estate Reputation

  In multifamily, everything hinges on your relationship with brokers. How do you differentiate yourself from all of the other groups out there? Your reputation. What can you do to really enhance that reputation, stand out and have the best in the market? For us, it was to close deals quicker than most groups. When […]

The Better Investment: Self Storage VS. Multifamily


Is self-storage a good investment and is it as good as or better than multifamily? The short answer to the first part of that question is yes, but if you want the reasons for that, you’ll have to keep reading. If you want more support in making your investment decisions, download ALL my resources for […]

What is a 1031 and How Does it Affect Your Tax Liability?

What Are 1031s?

One of the most common questions we get on our investor intake calls is, “What is a 1031 exchange?” Today, David Meilan, Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity and Drew Kniffin, Nighthawk President, are going to break down this concept for us. Simply put, 1031 exchanges are a way to defer tax liability through […]

College Vs. Multifamily

College vs multifamily

Earlier on the blog, I touched on what I’m teaching my kids about building wealth so they can go on to be responsible, thoughtful and wise investors. Today, I wanted to take things a step further and speak directly with the younger generation. A lot of you have reached out to me over the past […]

Winchester Apartments Due Diligence


The Winchester is our latest property and I wanted to give you an idea of what we found during our due diligence visit. If you look at the Winchester online, you’ll see the photos are attractive. It’s not quite as attractive in person, but the property is surprisingly clean. The signage is new and the […]

Am I Too Young to Get Started in Multifamily Real Estate?

Am I Too Young to Get Started in Multifamily

I’ve shared before why I think multifamily real estate syndications are one of the best ways to build passive income today. One of the reasons it’s so great is because you can build an online platform to attract investors, like we teach in our Platform Builder Workshop. As a young person, you have a great […]

Terms You Need to Know For Passive Real Estate Investing

Terms To Know For Passive Real Estate Investing

The world of real estate can be a confusing place. No matter where you are on your passive real estate journey, you need to understand the meaning behind a few essential terms we use in our day-to-day. General and Limited Partners For starters, in syndication there are general partners and limited partners – or LPs […]

5 Reasons Single Family Investors are Turning to Multifamily

4 Reasons Single Family Investors are Turning to Multi-family

You may have seen a recent article in the New York Times about how investors are moving away from single family homes toward multifamily. Why is that? If you’re new to real estate investing, should you skip the traditional step of starting with a single family property? It used to be that when people got […]