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If you take the time to sit down and get clear on the direction of your life, you may find that growing a business for yourself and your family will afford you the flexibility and time to pursue hobbies, to travel, to spend time with the people you love—and build wealth in the process. More often than not, time invested in reflection is what ultimately inspires action among aspiring multifamily investors.

Scott Price and his wife Karen run Bonvolo Real Estate Investments. They have been investors since 2003, owning and managing multifamily, office, retail and land properties across multiple markets in Washington state. From 2003 through 2007, Scott worked as a broker and earned Seattle Magazine’s Best in Client Satisfaction Award three times before returning to his career in project management. He has steadily grown his real estate portfolio while working full-time at Microsoft, but now he is quitting his W-2 job to focus on Bonvolo full time!

Scott sits down with me to share the experience that distracted him from pursing real estate after college and how the desire for flexibility ultimately brought him back. He explains why he went straight to multifamily as an investment strategy, how he was able to overcome his inexperience, and the business plan for his first 29-unit property. Listen in as Scott reflects on how a lack of awareness about syndication led to slow growth and addresses his plans to give back to the community now that he does real estate full time.

Key Takeaways

Scott’s introduction to real estate

When Scott first took action in real estate

Why Scott returned to real estate

Scott’s initial real estate strategy

Why Scott went straight to multifamily

The initial challenges Scott faced in multifamily

How Scott overcame his inexperience

Scott’s first 29-unit deal

Scott’s business plan for creating value

What’s next for Scott

Scott’s advice for his younger self

Why Scott was too conservative early on

Scott’s challenges around syndication

Scott’s guidance for aspiring investors

What Scott is looking forward to

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