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At the heart of every successful entrepreneur is a deep sense of spirituality. There is strength in developing a relationship with the higher power, and you must get your ‘being’ right before you can do something truly meaningful.

I recently saw Robert Kiyosaki speak on The Real Estate Guys cruise, and his talk reminded me of the connection between my success as an entrepreneur and my faith. Today, I’m sharing the three spiritual lessons that changed my life and brought me to the work I do now, teaching others to raise money and achieve financial freedom through apartment building investing.

I start by sharing my early success with the software startup webMETHODS, explaining how that experience created the illusion that I was in control of my own destiny. Then I describe the challenges I have faced as an entrepreneur and the three lessons I learned around giving up control, finding peace regardless of the circumstances, and shifting to a mindset of giving. Listen in for insight on the relationship between success and spirituality and learn to step out in faith—and realize an incredibly fulfilling life!

Key Takeaways

The concept of Be Do Have

My early success in tech

Spiritual Lesson #1: You are not in control

Spiritual Lesson #2: Find peace regardless of the circumstances

Spiritual Lesson #3: Shift to a mindset of giving

The relationship between success and spirituality


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