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My 2019 Year In Review

My 2019 Year In Review

2019 was a really exciting year for me and I hope it was for you, too. If you’re like me, this is the season to reflect on the year that’s passed and to look forward to what’s ahead. I find myself thinking about the things that went well, and the things that maybe didn’t go […]

MB 097: Marketing, Lead Generation, and Requiring Your Own Success – Michael Quarles

What is secret sauce that makes a person successful? Accomplished real estate investor Michael Quarles says that you must REQUIRE yourself to take action every day in order to achieve. Listen in for Michael’s high-level strategies for lead generation, his criteria for choosing a market, and his ‘taste the caviar’ challenge for aspiring multifamily investors.

MB 091: The Fast Track to Multifamily – With Josh Sterling

Josh Sterling’s advice to aspiring real estate investors? Get on the fast track to multifamily as soon as possible! Today Josh shares how he scaled up to 250 units and quit his job to pursue real-estate full-time. Listen in for Josh’s advice around taking massive action to build a reputation and work on your own terms.

MB 077: How We Took Down Our First Multi-Family Deal (94 Units!) – With Pili and Jason Yarusi

When it comes to multi-family real estate investment, putting the blinders on and jumping in may be the best strategy. Today I’m on the line with Jason and Pili Yarusi, a husband-wife team with experience in construction who recently made the leap from flipping to multi-family. They share valuable advice around overcoming the mindset challenges associated with apartments, reaching out to mentors, and learning as you go.