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Most of the time, careful planning is a good thing. It is smart to develop a strategy first, and then take action on your goals. But the one situation in which it might be better to just put the blinders on and jump in? Multi-family real estate investment.

Pili and Jason Yarusi have a background in running restaurants and bars as well as experience in the family construction business. So when they were starting a family of their own and wanted to get out of the grind, real estate investment seemed like the perfect fit. They started doing capital-intensive flips and had success with out-of-state duplexes, but soon realized that flipping was a job that would have to be repeated time and time again. If the Yarusis wanted to achieve cashflow, apartment building investing was the way to go.

After doing a lot of reading and reaching out to mentors with multi-family experience, Pili and Jason found a quality property management company in Kentucky, and made use of the firm’s expertise to find a deal that fit their criteria. The Yarusis sold investors on their background of success in other businesses, and raised the $800K necessary to close on a 94-unit property. Today they share how their willingness to jump in without a clearly defined strategy paid off in the end and how they overcame the mindset challenges around multi-family investing. Listen in for Pili and Jason’s advice about reaching out to mentors and learning as you go.

Jason Yarusi – Key Takeaways

[1:39] The circumstances that motivated Pili and Jason to invest in real estate

[4:25] Pili and Jason’s start in-house flipping

[7:40] Why Pili and Jason shifted to multi-family

[10:49] How the Yarusis moved forward once the decision to do multi-family was made

[12:50] The mindset challenges around multi-family

[14:09] How to overcome mindset challenges

[16:28] The hurdle of raising capital

[18:24] How Pili and Jason chose the Kentucky market

[21:58] The Yarusi’s outlook when it was time to sign the contract

[23:36] How much capital Pili and Jason raised for their first multi-family deal

[25:27] How the 94-unit property is performing

[26:45] The lessons Pili and Jason learned in their first multi-family deal

[28:34] What’s next for the Yarusis

[29:56] Pili and Jason’s advice for aspiring apartment building investors

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