As an aspiring real estate investor, you possess a spirit of independence as well as a desire for financial freedom. What if you could take that self-determination to the next level and essentially become your own bank? Patrick Donohoe is on a mission to teach you how to take control of your money with the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, taking advantage of a particular kind of life insurance policy to facilitate real estate investment, secure retirement funds, and build a legacy that you can pass on to your children.

Patrick is the president and CEO of Paradigm Life, a financial services firm committed to changing the way their clients look at life and wealth. The Paradigm team supports thousands of individuals and businesses in creating income for life and leaving a meaningful legacy. Patrick is a sought-after speaker in the realm of wealth management and investment, and he serves as the host of The Wealth Standard podcast. He is also the author of Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: A Financial Strategy to Reignite the American Dream.

Today, Patrick joins me to share the benefits of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy and explain how it serves as the foundation for fulfilling the true American Dream. He offers insight around how a specifically-designed whole life insurance policy works, why its interest rate is so much higher than a savings account, and how the policy gives you a line of credit to borrow against for investment purposes. Listen in for Patrick’s advice around leveraging the Perpetual Wealth Strategy to generate passive income, pass on a legacy, and take control of your wealth—the way the rich do!

Key Takeaways

How Patrick came to start his business

  • Mentored by Rich Dad advisor Kim Butler
  • Stuck it out after partnership wiped out in 2008

Patrick’s definition of the American Dream

  • Independence and freedom
  • Greatest wealth built within person

The benefits of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy

  • Whole life insurance policy with mutual company
  • Designed for cash value accumulation
  • Provision for insurance to give line of credit
  • Grow without taxes, comes with coverage

The concept of liquid wealth

  • Borrow against account (i.e.: real estate investment)
  • Enables family to pass on liquid legacy

Who this type of policy is for

  • Rich understand, know how to use
  • Mindset only barrier to entry

The interest associated with a Perpetual Wealth policy

  • Account holders own company, receive profit share
  • Typically 4 to 6%

The power of the Perpetual Wealth policy credit line

  • Can borrow entire amount (interest rate of 4 to 5%)
  • Don’t have to qualify, loan not on credit report

How Patrick uses his own policy

  • Hold cash reserves for personal and business life
  • Rest used as opportunity fund to invest
  • Use not dictated by anyone BUT you
  • Make better decisions with access to alternatives

How a Perpetual Wealth policy serves as a passive income generator

  • Longer you pay in, less risk to insurance company
  • Interest earned in later years is compounded
  • Consistency of income (not connected to volatility)

Connect with Patrick

Paradigm Life


Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: A Financial Strategy to Reignite the American Dream by Patrick H. Donohoe

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint to Quitting Your Job with Real Estate—Even Without Experience or Cash by Michael Blank

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