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“When you pay somebody that’s been where you want to go, you’re buying WISDOM without the WAIT.”

If you want to succeed as a multifamily real estate investor, your best bet is to take advantage of free resources for a basic education and then find someone you know, like and trust who is willing to mentor you—even if you have to pay for their time.

Larry Goins is a veteran real estate investor with 20-plus years of experience in the space. He travels the US speaking at conventions and expos, sharing his strategies for buying a dozen properties every month—without leaving his office! Larry is also the president of both Investors Rehab and The Goins Group, and he hosts the popular real estate podcasts BRAG Radio and Brain Pick-A-Pro. Larry is committed to holding true to his moral integrity in his business and personal life.

Today, Larry sits down with me to offer advice for aspiring investors around finding a mentor and ‘accelerating the splat’ when necessary. He shares his favorite real estate strategies and explains how he has systematized his business around seller financing and lease option models. Listen in to understand what motivates Larry to continued success in real estate and learn how he pays it forward by putting people and principles BEFORE profits!

Key Takeaways

How Larry got his start in real estate

Larry’s favorite real estate strategies

How Larry has systematized his business

Larry’s advice for aspiring investors

Larry’s concept of accelerating the splat

What motivates Larry to success in real estate

How Larry puts people and principles before profit

What gets Larry out of bed in the morning

Connect with Larry

Larry’s Website

BRAG Radio Show

Brain Pick-A-Pro Podcast


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