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If you follow the advice of a traditional financial planner, you are likely counting on a 401(k) and investments in the stock market to sustain you through retirement. Yet those vehicles are both subject to market volatility and assume that the tax rate will remain the same for the foreseeable future. Rebecca Walser is NOT your traditional financial advisor, and she has designed a better strategy for building long-term wealth—a strategy that includes investing in multifamily real estate.

Rebecca is a tax attorney, wealth strategist, Certified Financial Planner, and one of Investopedia’s 2018 Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors. She has combined her expertise in law and finance to design a unique approach to building and sustaining wealth that conventional advisors won’t consider. Rebecca has been featured in Bloomberg Business, The Boston Globe, and The Miami Herald, among many other media outlets, and she is the author of the groundbreaking book, Wealth Unbroken: Growing Wealth Uninterrupted by Market Crashes, Taxes, and Even Death.

Today, Rebecca joins me to explain why the 401(k) is a big mistake (unless your employer matches funds) and share her insight around deferring taxes until retirement. She covers the best alternatives to the 401(k), the greatest threats to building wealth, and the non-traditional asset classes that aren’t subject to market volatility. Listen in for Rebecca’s take on why traditional financial advisors don’t recommend real estate investments and learn the three key takeaways from her bestseller, Wealth Unbroken.

Rebecca Walser – Key Takeaways

What sets Rebecca apart from other financial advisors

Why Rebecca considers the 401(k) a big mistake

The danger in deferring taxes until retirement

Rebecca’s top alternatives to the 401(k)

The greatest threats to building wealth

Rebecca’s best strategies to avoid market volatility

Why traditional financial advisors avoid real estate

The key takeaways from Wealth Unbroken

  1. Can’t afford lows of 100% market-based portfolio
  2. Convert 401(k) to Roth NOW while taxes ‘on sale’
  3. Leverage non-traditional asset classes (non-negotiable #)

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