Michael Becker doesn’t think small! He describes how he overcame his fear and went from 9 to 1,000 units in just 12 months using other people’s money.

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Michael Becker is a Senior Director for Old Capital where he provides funding for commercial real estate. In his spare time he has become an investor himself, and owns about 1,000 units with another 200+ to close in the next 45 days.

He and his team focus on light value-add multifamily properties (Class C/B) in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He raises money out of Southern California and finances exclusively with Fannie Mae debt (he'll talk about why). He’s very familiar with all aspects of the transaction process, including underwriting and marketing, financial analysis, due diligence, and preparation of marketing materials as well as processing and closing.

We will have lots to learn from Michael.

Here are some of the Topics We Cover

  • Why it's important to leverage your current skill set to launch your real estate career.
  • The importance of adjusting your mindset from 9-5 to entrepreneur, dealing with the uncertainty and being uncomfortable.
  • Why you need to THINK BIG to succeed.
  • Why you need to transition from using your own money to raising it from others as soon as possible.
  • How a good partnership can change your entire investing career.
  • A GREAT tip for finding off-market deals.
  • The difference between successful investors and those who never get started.
  • How to recognize a good deals: what’s a good cash on cash return?
  • What’s the difference between “good” and only OK debt and why Michael uses Fannie Mae debt exclusively.
  • Michael’s personal success habits.

How to Connect with Michael

You can email Michael at mbecker at spiadvisory dot com or give him a call at 214.675.2793. You can also check out his LinkedIn profile. Or even better, leave a question or comment for Michael below!

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