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MB 179: Take the Next Step to Financial Freedom with Multifamily – With Mauricio Ramos

Too many aspiring real estate investors never take action because they’re waiting for the right time, or they’re holding off until they know EVERYTHING about multifamily. Spoiler alert: That’s never going to happen! So, what if you simply got prepared for the next few steps and moved forward?

Mauricio Ramos is Managing Member at de Medici Group, a multifamily investment firm based in San Antonio. He specializes in acquiring underperforming assets that can be repositioned to improve the quality of life for tenants and build wealth for investors. Mauricio spent ten years as a Project Manager in the commercial construction industry before leaving to pursue real estate full-time in 2016. To date, he controls $2M in assets and has a portfolio of 234 units across Texas.

On this episode of the podcast, Mauricio joins me to discuss how his life is different now that he’s a full-time real estate investor. He describes how a desire to travel inspired him to pursue passive income and explains how he got his start in mobile homes and single-family wholesaling. Mauricio also shares the impetus behind his transition to multifamily, offering advice around raising money for syndications. Listen in for creative strategies to find off-market deals and get Mauricio’s insight on taking the first step—and THEN figuring out your next move!

Key Takeaways

How Mauricio’s life is different now

  • Time freedom (work out during day, walk dogs)
  • Travel and go to seminars like Deal Maker Live

Mauricio’s background and experience

  • Grew up in Mexico, came to US on student visa
  • 10 years as civil engineer/construction manager

What inspired Mauricio to pursue passive income

  • Quit job for 40-day backpacking trip
  • Desire for freedom to pursue travel

Mauricio’s introduction to real estate

  • Colleague introduced to single-family rentals
  • Paid cash for mobile homes, wholesaled SFH

Mauricio’s first 10-unit multifamily deal

  • Sourced through direct mail campaign in 2017
  • Sold 18 months later for 159% ROI

Why Mauricio transitioned to multifamily

  • Scalability (10 SFH vs. 10-unit)
  • Able to analyze own deals with SDA

Mauricio’s second and third multifamily deals

  • Wholesaled 8-unit for 5-figure profit
  • Wholesaled 24-unit for 2X annual W-2 income
  • Used money for mentor, passive investment

Mauricio’s transition to multifamily syndications

  • Sponsored 16- and 32-unit deals in McAllen
  • Raise money from friends, family and coworkers

Mauricio’s advice to aspiring syndicators

  • Get educated on SEC compliance
  • Provide opportunity vs. ask for money

What’s next for Mauricio

  • Expand network with seminars, partnerships
  • Goal to grow 600-unit portfolio in 2020

Mauricio’s insight on off-market opportunities

  • Lack of creativity rather than deals
  • Rach out to brokers and take first step

How to proceed without a clear plan

  • Be prepared for next 3 steps
  • Confidence in resourcefulness

Connect with Mauricio

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