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Most of us dream of retirement because we’ll FINALLY have the time freedom to do things that interest us and spend time with the people we love. But what if you didn’t have to wait until you turned 65 to live that dream? What if you could retire early? Better yet, what if you could retire in the next few years? Passive investing in multifamily syndications helped Travis Watts do just that, and you could be next!

Travis is an experienced passive investor and Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital, a national multifamily investment firm with more than $820M in assets under management. Prior to pursuing real estate full-time, Travis worked a grueling job in the oil industry, spending 14-hour days outside in extreme weather while saving money to invest in single-family rentals and apartment building syndications.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Travis joins me to discuss the time freedom he enjoys now as a passive investor in multifamily real estate. He explains how he saved the money to invest via extreme budgeting and what made SFH investing unsustainable. Listen in for Travis’ insight around where to find a good syndication team and learn how YOU can follow in his footsteps and quit your W-2 with passive investing!

Key Takeaways

Travis’ path to full-time passive investing

How Travis’ life is different now

How Travis saved money to invest

How Travis invested his money before multifamily

What inspired Travis’ transition to multifamily

The FIRE movement 4% rule

What kind of income you can generate as a passive investor

Travis’ insight on the tax benefits of multifamily

The beauty of the infinite return model

Travis’ top investing AHA moments

Travis’ advice for aspiring passive investors

  1. Start with WHY
  2. Create a budget (know where money going)

How to vet a syndication team

Where to find a good syndication team

Connect with Travis Watts

Ashcroft Capital

Email [email protected]

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