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MB 200: Best of 2019 – With Ken McElroy, Robert Helms, Kyle Wilson, Robert Kiyosaki, Hal Elrod & Grant Cardone

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What do the most successful among us have in common? The biggest of the big-name real estate investors and influencers I’ve had the pleasure to interview on this podcast share one thing—a mission beyond money. Yes, financial freedom is important. But without purpose, what’s the point?

On this episode, I’m celebrating our 200th show with a highlight reel of the best Apartment Building Investing podcasts from the past year. We look back at my interview with Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy as he shares how his thinking has evolved around financial freedom and what it means to be successful, and return to my conversation with Robert Helms of The Real Estate Guys around his mission to both educate and inspire action.

We revisit legendary entrepreneur and investor Robert Kiyosaki’s insight on spiritual discipline and bestselling author Hal Elrod’s take on the REAL purpose of setting goals. Listen in for marketing icon Kyle Wilson’s advice on building a platform and get inspired by billion-dollar investor and influencer Grant Cardon’s definition of true wealth.

Key Takeaways

What financial freedom means to Ken McElroy

  • Initial goal to be own boss, cover expenses
  • Scale business as expenses increase

How Ken McElroy’s definition of success changed over the years

  • From ‘job’ to ‘good job I really enjoy’
  • Shifted to focus on money, being millionaire
  • Now involves relationships with family + kids

What gets Ken McElroy out of bed in the morning

  • Sense of purpose
  • Desire to contribute

The Real Estate Guys’ mission

  • Put education to work via effective action
  • Create community + collapse time frames

The secret to Robert Helms’ success

  • Recognize economic reality beyond real estate
  • Understand other investing opportunities

How Robert Kiyosaki learned spiritual discipline

  • Marines focus on mission to bring fellow man home
  • Business world only mission to make money
  • Boundary of life + death gets in touch with God

Robert Kiyosaki’s take on the three kinds of money

  1. Gold + silver = God’s money
  2. Government money = fake
  3. People’s money (e.g.: Bitcoin)

Hal Elrod’s insight on the REAL purpose of setting goals

  • Develop qualities + characteristics of goal-achiever
  • Growth on journey more important than hitting target

Hal Elrod’s take on why traditional affirmations don’t work

  • Taught to lie to ourselves, use passive language
  • Affirmation must be paired with action

Kyle Wilsons’ insight on the principles of marketing

  • Provide great product, customer service
  • Be consistent + relational

Kyle Wilson’s must-haves for a website

  1. Mystique
  2. Taglines
  3. Social proof
  4. Creative opt-in

What gets Grant Cardone out of bed in the morning

  • Build legacy for family, church + community
  • Produce something of value = live forever

Grant Cardone’s definition of wealth

  • Money, time, love, health, fun and PURPOSE
  • Keep learning to contribute on another level


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