The vast majority of real estate investors were blindsided by the crash in 2008. And with many economists warning that we’re headed toward another downturn, it is prudent to take off our rose-colored glasses and move forward with an eye to the broader economic picture. It is crucial for multifamily investors to study the markets, identify trends and consider the economy’s impact on our investments—and the people who rent from us.

Robert Helms is the founder and host of Real Estate Guys Radio, a media platform dedicated to helping investors stay focused, motivated and informed. He has a wealth of experience teaching Landlord Boot Camp for newbie residential investors as well as college-level real estate courses. Robert also spent 18 years working in a real estate brokerage where he became a top producer and refined his skills in marketing, negotiating and relationship management. Now, Robert is a professional real estate investor and developer with a portfolio that spans eight states and five countries.

Today, Robert joins me to share a high-level overview of The Real Estate Guys’ recent Summit at Sea. He explains why it’s critical for investors to keep an eye on the economy and offers insight into what market trends we should be looking out for.  Robert also discusses what he learned from the crash in 2008 and outlines his current concerns around sources of capital for multifamily investors. Listen in for a summary of the key takeaways from the Summit at Sea and find out how you can learn more from the expert faculty through The Future of Wealth and Money video series.

Key Takeaways

An overview of The Real Estate Guys’ Summit at Sea

  • Focus beyond real estate to broader scope economics
  • Bring together smart people to interact without agenda

Why it’s crucial for investors to keep an eye on the economy

  • Study markets to identify opportunity, trends
  • Examine how tenants might be affected

Robert’s insight on the current economic climate

  • Anticipate general slow down
  • Pay attention to interest rates, demographic shifts

What Robert learned from the crash in 2008

  • Surround self with people who understand economy
  • Investments float in sea of larger economic picture

The aspects of the economy investors should watch

  • Jobs, durability of income + housing demand
  • Major shifts in markets, technology, etc.

Robert’s insight around interest rates

  • Not expecting huge increase in interest rates
  • Concerned about sources of capital (government agencies)

The Real Estate Guys’ mission

  • Put education to work via effective action
  • Create community + collapse time frames

What you can learn from The Future of Money and Wealth

  • Sense of what future looks like around money
  • Continue to acquire wealth in uncertain age

Robert’s top advice for real estate investors

  • Recognize larger economic realities
  • Be aware of other investing opportunities

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