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I've heard of Cost Segregation before to save a TON on taxes but dismissed it because I thought it was only something for big commercial property owners – definitely not for smaller properties or newbies.

Boy, was I wrong. After speaking with Heidi Henderson with Engineered Tax Services (ETS) she set the record straight:

If you own real estate valued at least $500,000 – you could save HUGE on your taxes this year.

It was such an eye-opener for me that I thought I'd make it available to you.

Here's what we cover in this episode:

Heidi is making a free benefits analysis available to all of you. I went through the process myself. Not only was it easy and free, I was SHOCKED at the savings, even for a small building that we used as an example.

If you'd like ETS to do one of these for you, please complete the form here.

To contact Heidi Henderson, please call her at (801) 564-4464. ETS's web site is

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  1. Dustin – thanks for pointing out the error. I just fixed it and it works here on the web page but it looks like it will take a little while longer to propagate to iTunes etc. Thanks very much!

  2. Michael, I am totally guilty of multi-tasking during your webinar, but it’s to write a response to you. That’s okay, right? Anyway, probably a dumb question, but does cost segregation contribute to increase fair market value of the property for resale or refinance in the future? Thanks, Keith.

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