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You might think it would be easy for a well-known flipper to transition to multifamily. But the truth is, a successful career in single-family does NOT translate to the world of apartment building investing.

So, how do you make the leap from single-family rentals and flips to multifamily investor?

J Scott serves as Partner at Bar Down Investments, a multifamily investing firm with a portfolio of 1,000 units. J got his start in single-family real estate and built a reputation in the flipping business, rehabbing 500 properties and authoring four bestselling books in the BiggerPockets library. And then 18 months ago, J made the transition to multifamily investing.

On this episode of the podcast, J joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share what inspired his move into multifamily and explain why flipping houses is not the path to financial freedom. He opens up about lacking credibility in the multifamily space, offering insight on how to get brokers to trust you if you’re new to the game. Listen in to understand the 3 things you need to get investors to work with you and learn how to build a reputation in the multifamily space—with or without prior real estate experience!

Key Takeaways 

How J got into the real estate space

What inspired J’s transition to multifamily

Why flipping houses is not the path to financial freedom

Why it took J so long to make the shift to multifamily

What J did to compensate for his lack of credibility 

How to get brokers to trust you if you’re new to multifamily

J’s advice for investors considering a shift to multifamily

The benefit of having single-family experience

The 3 things you need to get an investor to work with you

How to differentiate yourself from bigger operators

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