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MB286: The Rocky Transition from Flips to Multifamily – With J Scott

You might think it would be easy for a well-known flipper to transition to multifamily. But the truth is, a successful career in single-family does NOT translate to the world of apartment building investing. Today, J Scott explains how he overcame a lack of credibility to make the leap into multifamily real estate.

“I Want A Deal Now” Accelerating Broker Relationships with Garrett Lynch

"I want a deal now" Accelerating Broker Relationships with Garrett Lynch

  Garrett Lynch, Director of Acquisitions here at Nighthawk, is one of the best people for working with brokers. He is systematic at staying in touch and also really good at finding new brokers and quickly building relationships them. Over the last six to nine months, I’ve observed that a lot of the action has […]