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While most of us resist setbacks and struggles, both are crucial to our growth. In fact, the most successful investors are those who respond to failure with resilience. Who pick themselves up, dust themselves off and take the next step of uncomfortable action toward their dreams.

Rob Rowsell embodies that kind of human will. In 1999, he was a homeless crack addict living on the streets. Then, he stumbled into a rehab center, and through sheer grit, Rob turned his life around. Today, he is a real estate investor, motivational speaker, multiple business owner and bestselling author of Addicted to Life: How I Went from Homeless to Extraordinary Success and Happiness in a Short Period of Time.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Rob joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share his journey from homeless addict to successful multifamily investor. He explains why so many aspiring investors don’t succeed, challenging us to develop a strong WHY and leverage visualization to reach our goals. Listen in for Rob’s insight on cultivating the mindset you need to take action, grow through the challenges and achieve financial freedom as a multifamily investor!

Key Takeaways 

Rob’s struggle with addiction

What inspired Rob’s decision to change

How Rob got back into society 

Why aspiring investors don’t take action

How Rob uses visualization to reach his goals

The traits of a successful entrepreneur

How Rob used knowledge to build momentum

How Rob got into real estate

How Rob grew a 1K-unit multifamily portfolio

Connect with Rob Rowsell

Addicted to Life


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