We had some inspiring guests on the podcast in 2021, all with their own particular interest or expertise around achieving financial freedom. But the one thing they all have in common is the powerful combination of hard work and passion it takes to achieve next-level success.

So, what were some of the highlights from our interviews this past year? What are my top takeaways from the entrepreneurs and real estate investors who appeared on the show?

On this episode, I’m sharing the Best of 2021 on Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, beginning with Jordan Harbinger’s insight on building relationships BEFORE you need them and Brandon Turner’s simple approach to developing your personal brand.

We revisit John Lee Dumas’ dynamic formula for becoming a person of value, Joe Fairless’ perspective on raising capital through a fund and Chad Williams’ thoughts on applying Navy SEAL principles to your multifamily business.

Listen in as we look back at Liz Faircloth’s commitment to building the Real Estate InvestHER community, Jenny Gou’s experience of leaving her high-paying corporate job for real estate, and Ronan McMahon’s understanding of opportunities to invest internationally!

Key Takeaways

Jordan Harbinger’s proactive approach to networking

  • ‘Dig the well before you’re thirsty’
  • Don’t wait until you need something to reach out

Brandon Turner’s insight on building a personal brand

  • Consider how people already think about you
  • Lean into what you’re good at (simplicity is key)

John Lee Dumas’ take on what it takes to be successful

  • Hard work + passion wins every time
  • We develop passion for things we’re good at

Liz Faircloth's passion for the Real Estate InvestHER community

  • Support women investors, provide role models
  • Thrive better in marriage to have own business

Joe Fairless’ insight on raising capital through a fund

  • Con = miss out on ‘lightning in a bottle’
  • Pro = spread out capital raise over time

Chad Williams’ take on applying SEAL principles to multifamily

  • Control emotions regardless of circumstances
  • Take on role of servant leader

Jenny Gou’s experience of quitting her job for real estate

  • Inspired by desire to prioritize time with family
  • Left corporate job, grew to 800 units in 10 months

Ronan McMahon’s insight on investing internationally

  • Big buying moment always happening somewhere
  • Identify places with significant upside potential


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