Most entrepreneurs believe that we are the secret sauce in our business. We think that no one else can bake the cupcakes or design the websites or analyze the real estate deals quite the way we do. 

But if you’re busy building the product, who’s building the business? 

This is what Curtis Morley calls the entrepreneur’s paradox: In order to scale, you've got to shift your passion from working IN the business to working ON the business.

Curtis is the five-time entrepreneur, mentor and thought leader behind The Entrepreneur’s Paradox, a platform dedicated to helping startup companies achieve next-level growth. Curtis has been named Entrepreneur of the Year and made the Inc. 5000 list six times. He is also the bestselling author of The Entrepreneur’s Paradox: How to Overcome the 16 Pitfalls Along the Startup Journey.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Curtis joins host Garrett Lynch to explain the entrepreneur’s paradox, challenging us to shift from the role of product manager to business leader and achieve the next level of growth.

Curtis shares his concept of counterfeit emotions, describing how to turn fear into power with a simple shift from WHAT IF to WHAT IS thinking.

Listen in for Curtis’ four-step success formula for entrepreneurs and learn how to make the mindset shift you need to scale YOUR real estate syndication business.

Curtis Morley – Key Takeaways 

How Curtis defines the entrepreneur’s paradox

  • What got you into business prevents you from succeeding
  • ‘If you’re building the product, who’s building the business?’

The first steps to becoming a business leader

  • Make decision to replace yourself as product manager
  • Identify and document your processes, teach to others

Curtis’ 3 summits you can climb as an entrepreneur

  1. Lifestyle business
  2. Buy or be bought
  3. IPO

Curtis’ 4-step success formula for entrepreneurs

  1. How much
  2. By when
  3. For what
  4. And why

Curtis’ advice for deciding what’s next after an exit

  • Stay committed to your WHY
  • Must have purpose, make contribution

Curtis’ concept of counterfeit emotions

  • Every authentic emotion has counterfeit (e.g.: faith vs. fear)
  • Authentic emotions connect, while counterfeit disconnect

How to transform your FEAR into POWER

  • Change WHAT IF into WHAT IS
  • Brings you back to present and creates energy

How Curtis uncovered the idea of counterfeit emotions

  • Pain = gift to help us grow, suffering steeped in blame/shame
  • Surrender to pain and turn it into something positive

Connect with Curtis Morley

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