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Words hide red flags in a real estate deal. But numbers are the source of truth.

So, what numbers should you be looking at when you evaluate a multifamily deal?

Jason Baik is Managing Principal at Compounding Capital Group and Founder of The Underwriting Lab, a platform that helps aspiring multifamily investors learn a data-driven approach to apartment investing.

An ex-VP of Data Science, Jason left his six-figure corporate career to become a full-time investor before he owned a single property! Two years later, he has built a portfolio of 350 apartment units and seven single family homes.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jason joins me to explain how the data pointed him to real estate as the best vehicle for generational wealth and why he transitioned to multifamily investing early on.

Jason discusses how he connected with his business partner at Compounding Capital, describing what makes their partnership work and how they’re adjusting their underwriting right now.

Listen in for insight on how Jason used the Syndicated Deal Analyzer to launch his multifamily career and learn how understanding the numbers helps you analyze risk and make the right decisions for your investing journey!

Key Takeaways

What inspired Jason’s interest in real estate investing

Why Jason transitioned to multifamily right away

How Jason worked through the fear of bigger numbers

How Jason and his business partner split their roles

How Jason and his partner fund their multifamily deals

How Jason met his partner at Compounding Capital

Jason’s biggest hurdles in shifting to multifamily investing

Why Jason quit his job without owning a single property

The importance of numbers in real estate investing

How the SDA helped Jason get started in multifamily

How Jason is adjusting his underwriting right now

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