The name Grant Cardone is synonymous with scale. Each new venture he launches quickly grows 10X bigger than anyone else in the business.

So, what drives that desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible? How might you apply the same principles to scale your real estate syndication business?

Jarrod Glandt is President of Grant Cardone Enterprises, where he has served as Grant’s right-hand man for the last 12 years and helped grow company revenues from $2M in annual sales to well over nine figures.

Jarrod is also Cohost of Young Hustlers, a podcast that offers its millennial audience tips on sales, marketing, money and entrepreneurship.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jarrod joins Garrett Lynch and me to give us a look under the hood at Grant Cardone Enterprises.

Jarrod discusses the benefit of building a brand before you raise capital for real estate deals and describes how to apply Cardone Capital’s marketing tactics to your syndication business.

Listen in for insight on creating a culture of accountability on your multifamily team and learn how to leverage what Jarrod calls ‘divine discontentment’ to do the next big thing in your business!

Key Takeaways

How Jarrod met Grant Cardone

  • Dad sent him link to Grant’s YouTube channel
  • Called office daily until he got an interview

Jarrod’s role at Grant Cardone Enterprises

  • Hired as sales guy, worked way up to President
  • Oversees revenue gen, strategy, and marketing

The benefit of building a brand before you raise capital

  • Allows you to raise money on your own terms
  • Power in not needing what you’re asking for

How Grant’s organization operates at such a high level

  • Divine discontentment with current status
  • Purpose-driven pursuit of what’s possible

How Jarrod works with Grant to execute on his vision

  • Results give right to share ideas and debate
  • Going to be wrong, be ‘Grant wrong’

The culture of accountability in Grant’s organization

  • Set and communicate expectations clearly
  • Report statistics on daily basis
  • Pay above average salaries as compensation
  • Celebrate successes of clients

Jarrod’s insight on marketing and sales best practices

  • Build audience first
  • Be everywhere all the time on social media

The future of Grant Cardone Enterprises

  • Build out real estate education platform
  • Expand acquisitions and partnerships

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