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Are entrepreneurs born or made?

If you ask Chris Naugle, they are created. But to become a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing to take risks. And you can’t conform to someone else’s failed reality.

As a former pro snowboarder, Chris is good at leaping into the unknown. He applied that risk tolerance to business, building 19 companies in 29 years.

Today, Chris is known as America’s #1 Money Mentor. He runs The Money School, hosts Risky Builders on HGTV, and manages tens of millions of dollars in assets in financial services and real estate transactions.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Chris joins Garrett to explain how he became an entrepreneur at the age of 16 in spite of other people’s opinions.

Chris describes how he navigated challenging times, surviving the dotcom bust, the Great Recession and losing it all in 2014 when the banks said no to a loan and froze his lines of credit.

Listen in for insight into the infinite banking process that turned Chris’ life around and helped him build enough wealth to ‘be the bank’ and invest tens of millions in real estate deals!

Key Takeaways

What inspired Chris to become an entrepreneur

What others said about Chris’ dream to have his own store

The study that makes Chris believe entrepreneurs are created

Chris’ secret to building more than 19 companies

How Chris navigated the dot-com recession

How Chris got into real estate investing

How Chris survived the Great Recession

Why 2014 was a turning point in Chris’ life

The infinite banking process that helped Chris build wealth

Why Chris is excited about his Private Money Club platform

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